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    until 24 Hours of Reality: Spotlight on Solutions and Hope


    OCTOBER 7, 2022

    People everywhere are taking the planet's future into their own hands, working to leave fossil fuels behind and build a more just and sustainable tomorrow for us all.

    On October 7, we're telling that story, with 24 Hours of Reality: Spotlight on Solutions and Hope.

    For one day, we’ll be traveling around the world hearing stories from activists about how they created real climate solutions in their communities and step-by-step to help you get involved and make change where you live. We’ll also be hosting Global Dialogues with former US Vice President Al Gore and other changemakers on the topics of:

    Join us on October 7 to get inspired, learn more about what you can do, and take action to build the future we all want.


    A group of citizen activists attending a chapters presentation.

    On October 7, The Climate Reality Project will hold 24 Hours of Reality: Spotlight on Solutions and Hope, a global day celebrating action and solutions that confront the climate crisis. But we will keep on spotlighting climate solutions stories even after the first 24 hours.

    Do you have a compelling climate success story that you would like Climate Reality to spotlight on social media and elsewhere? We would love to hear from you! Provide the details of your climate success story with the elements below.

    • What was the climate issue that needed solving? (Describe the climate problem)
    • When did the issue take place?  
    • What area of your community was impacted by the climate issue? (Location of problem)
    • How did you work to find a solution to the climate problem?
    • If you would like Climate Reality to tag you, please include your social media information.
    • Additional information you would like to include.

    If you would like Climate Reality to include a photo of the climate solution or climate hope from your story, you can send it to us after you submit your story.

    Climate Reality reserves the right to not publish every story. Please do not submit a story if you are under the age of 13 in the US, or under the age of majority in your country.


    Solutions and hope around the world

    Discover stories of climate solutions and hope all around the world by exploring our interactive map.

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    Every year The Climate Reality Project hosts 24 Hours of Reality, a day to focus the world’s attention on the climate crisis and the solutions within our grasp. This year will be our twelfth annual 24 Hours of Reality.

    Each year we dig deep on a subject critical to the climate movement at the time and travel around the globe, sharing stories and inspiration. This year, as deadlines for action loom and extreme weather and other effects of the climate crisis hit home everywhere in the world, we focus on the powerful progress made by community activists where they live.

    Join us and learn how you can make a difference on climate change.

    The reality we now face implores us to act. - Al Gore Founder & Chairman, The Climate Reality Project