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    Seventh-Largest Greenhouse Gas Emitter May Be First Major Economy to Formally Accept the Paris Agreement

    When 175 countries and parties officially signed the Paris Agreement on Earth Day this year, it marked a critical next step in the fight to stop climate change. But signing the agreement in front of the cameras at the UN is only the first step. Approval of it back at home is another altogether.

    Five Striking Examples of How Climate Change Is Affecting Our National Parks in the US

    Will taxpayers foot the cleanup bill for bankrupt coal companies?

    Coal’s share of the U.S. energy market is rapidly plunging. Low-cost fracking-generated natural gas has overtaken the use of coal at America’s power plants. Impending implementation of the Obama administration’s proposed Clean Power Plan, which would place stringent regulations on coal-fired power plant emissions, has also helped to drive coal production to its lowest level in decades. Government sources predict further decline.