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    Climate change just got personal.

    We know who we are by the things we love. The passions that fill our hearts and define our world. The people that shape our every interaction. The moments that we simply couldn’t live without. And whether it’s the buzz of the city streets, an early morning coffee, or sitting down to a family meal, climate change will affect them all.

    WHAT I LOVE is an interactive experience that makes climate change personal. It takes the abstract and seemingly distant issue of climate change and makes it relevant to every man, woman and child. 

    To love a thing means wanting it to exist. -

    "WHAT I LOVE" Trailer

    What You Can Do

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    We all have things that fill our hearts and define our world. Whether it’s the buzz of New York City streets, surfing in South Del Mar, or the solitude of a backcountry retreat, climate change will affect them all. Take the experience and find the things you can’t live without.

    What a beautiful way to convey such an important message. - Adam Polselli Product Designer at Dropbox